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Sunday, February 22, 2009

TMD Symptoms

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can be a huge inconvenience to your daily life, and in severe cases is quite painful. Fortunately, this problem is easily corrected. Our staff is very experienced in handling TMD cases and can provide you with first-rate treatment for your symptoms.

It is important to remember that your jaw is extremely complex. As a result, TMD can take on a variety of forms and lead to different symptoms in different people. If you suffer from TMD, you can expect to experience several of these symptoms, but most likely not all of them.

The most commonly experienced symptom is a clicking or popping sound made when you move your jaw. Generally, you will be the only one to hear these noises.

Nevertheless, they can be quite irritating when experienced on a regular basis.
You may also suffer from jaw locking. In severe cases, this can be very painful. You will have to move your jaw from side to side in order to free it up. Sometimes, instead of locking up completely, your jaw will just have a decreased range of motion.

Teeth grinding is very common among people suffering from TMD. Fortunately, there are devices to wear at night that will help you stop grinding your teeth.
TMD can also lead to severe headaches, mainly in the temples and the back of your head. In severe cases, these headaches can be debilitating, and even resemble a migraine.

Dr. Folck has been extensively trained in neuromuscular dentistry, and can help you resolve all of your TMD issues. If you suffer from TMD or migraine headaches in the Hampton, Virginia area, please visit Dr. Folck’s website today to schedule an initial consultation.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

Many people suffering from migraines and other serious headaches flock to the neurologist for treatment when they should be coming to their dentist. Most often, migraines are indicative of a problem called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

TMD is a disorder affecting your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which connects your lower jaw to your skull. When your TMJ goes out of alignment, you develop TMD. While you may experience considerable pain from TMD, it is a disorder that is easily corrected.

Most often, TMD is caused by arthritis, grinding your teeth at night, or a dislocation of the disk between your jawbone and jaw socket. Some of the most common symptoms include jaw pain, difficulty chewing, migraines, and clicking/popping in your jaw.

Dr. Folck’s staff is very experienced in dealing with TMD and other neuromuscular dentistry issues. Our office uses the newest technology available to treat your TMD. Our state of the art myomonitor for TENS technology will help you achieve the ideal resting position for your bite.

The particular method of treatment will be determined according to the type and severity of your TMD. You might require a bite guard to prevent tooth grinding while you sleep, restorative dental work for damaged teeth, or repairs of previous dental work that may be exacerbating your condition.

If you suffer from TMD or migraine headaches in the Chesapeake, Virginia area, please contact Dr. Folck today to schedule an initial consultation.

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