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Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Problems Can a General Dentist Fix?

Our general dentist can fix a multitude of oral health problems ranging from simple fillings to root canals. General dentistry is more than regular visits for teeth cleaning and preventative care.

Our general dentist can repair structural damage to teeth using dental fillings and will restore cracked or chipped teeth. Our dentist can replace missing teeth with dentures or partial dentures.

And you may not have thought about it, but a general dentist can help fix other problems like snoring or  sleep apneaA dentist can fit you with a simple, removable oral appliance that allows your air passages to remain open while you sleep and lessen or eliminate your snoring and sleep apnea episodes.

Pediatric dentistry is also an important part of our general dentist's practice. Children need different oral health care treatment than adults do. You can bring your children to our general dentist for fluoride treatments to make their teeth more resistant to decay and get dental sealants applied to protect their teeth from potentially harmful bacteria.

If you're looking for a dentist in the Virginia Beach area for yourself or your children, contact Dr. Michael Folck, DDS for your initial consultation.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Problems Can Orthodontics Fix?

Orthodontics can fix a variety of problems, from cosmetic to more serious issues affecting oral health. Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, but to gain the maximum benefit from early and preventative care, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children get an orthodontic screening by age seven. 

Fixing a bad bite or malocclusion is the core of orthodontics practice. There are several variations of bad bites, and orthodontics can fix most of these problems on a permanent or semi-permanent basis with the use of braces or  Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment is typically used to improve bite problems, including:
  • Overbite refers to the condition in which the upper front teeth protrude too far over the lower teeth.
  • Underbite refers to the condition in which the lower front teeth overlap the upper teeth.
  • Crossbite refers to teeth that are tilted toward the cheek or toward the tongue, which causes excessive stress on the jaw bone.
  • Open bite refers to a condition where the upper and lower front teeth are forced outward
Orthodontics can also fix problems with spacing. Whether you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, overlapping teeth or gaps between teeth, orthodontics can help fix the problems with your smile.

In the Norfolk area, contact Dr. Michael Folck, DDS for an initial orthodontics consultation. 

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