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Monday, September 30, 2013

How Does Teeth Whitening Affect My Dental Work?

Because our Chesapeake cosmetic dentist offers a full range of dental services, there’s sometimes a measure of overlap in procedures. This leads to some confusion from patients, who want to know if procedure A will interfere with procedure B.

Teeth whitening is one Dr. Michael Folck’s more popular services, so it’s a frequent subject of this conversation. The reality of the interaction between teeth whitening and other dental work is two-fold: first, it won’t interfere with the safe operation of other work. Second, it will not whiten existing dental work.

Our Chesapeake cosmetic dentist’s tooth whitening services are designed to work on natural tooth enamel. As such, they won’t have any effect on the coloring of porcelain veneers, for example.

This can create a problem for some patients, as veneers, bridges and crowns are custom-designed to match the color of your surrounding teeth. So if your natural teeth become several shades whiter, your dental work can stand out with the old coloring.

If teeth whitening is important to you, our Chesapeake cosmetic dentist will be happy to create new dental work that will match your new, whiter coloring.

If you have questions about teeth whitening or other forms of dental work you’d like to ask our Chesapeake, Virginia cosmetic dentist, please contact Dr. Michael Folck, DDS today. 

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